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Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. . .and I just woke up, but I know one thing for certain, when I open the door to go outside, I’ll greet a looming wall of humidity. Kentucky in July — heat, humidity and more heat —- no dry heat in these parts. …

Many species undergo torpor during hot weather as a means of conserving energy. Several species of ground squirrels that live near my Idaho home are extreme examples. I start to see them in March or April, but by early July they are back underground. They will not re-emerge until the following spring.
A South American coati holds a piece of frozen watermelon during the hot weather in Biopark zoo in Rome.
During periods of drought, African lungfishes are unique in that they can survive near-complete desiccation (drying out) by estivating: undergoing a period of slowed metabolism, almost like hibernation. Scientists have tested African lungfish estivation in the lab and found they can be revived even after seven years of ‘sleep!’”
A young western lowland gorilla Richard eats frozen fruits at Prague Zoo as the heat wave in Europe continues.

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