UPDATE: ‘Leave It to Beaver’ star Tony Dow, Who Played Wally Cleaver, Dead at 77

He’s not dead yet.

The Los Angeles-born Dow had more than three dozen acting credits during a career that spanned decades, but he was best known for his portrayal of the popular and athletic older brother of Jerry Mathers’ title character on “Leave It to Beaver.” Dow was a primary cast member on the series, which centered on a suburban American family and the adventures of youngest son Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver.”

The series aired more than 230 episodes during its prolific run from 1957 and 1963 and is considered one of the most influential shows of its era.

“Leave It to Beaver” was the first acting role for Dow, who won the job in a casting call. Following the show’s conclusion, Dow had a regular role as Chet on the series “Never Too Young,” a soap opera designed for teenage audiences.

Dow also appeared on episodes of “Lassie,” “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” and “Mr. Novak” during the 1960s and ‘70s.

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