Ohio Cop’s Body Cam Caught Her Spewing N-Word in Traffic Meltdown

Ohio Police Officer Recorded Using N-word, Claims She Wasn’t Referring to “All African-Americans”

When the video was recorded in April, Cincinnati PD Officer Rose Valentino was pulling into the parking lot of CPD’s District 3 office in West Price Hill. It’s as she’s doing this that she notices cars lined up on the street waiting to pick up students from a nearby high school.

Valentino rolls down her window and instructs one of the drivers to move before becoming upset when they don’t. At some point, police say a passing 16-year-old boy gestured to Valentino with his middle finger. Valentino said that this was what prompted her to use the N-word and lose it.

Speaking this month to CPD’s Internal Investigations Section, Valentino that she doesn’t use racial slurs and has no racial biases. She also said, “‘[expletive] [N-words]’ was not intended to refer to all African-Americans, but was specifically and narrowly in reference to the teenager walking down the sidewalk after school.” She said it was an isolated incident.

The video caught her saying: “I f****** hate them,” Officer Rose Valentino of the Cincinnati Police Department said on April 5 (h/t WCPO). “Oh, I f****** hate them so much. F****** God. I hate this f****** world. F****** hate it,” she later said. “F****** n******s. I f****** hate them.”

The officer blames being “desensitized to racially offensive language by music and hearing people talk on the street.”

She’s no stranger to trouble, watch the video.

﹡She’s been reprimanded multiple times for not turning on her bodycam.

﹡Cincinnati has already paid out $150k in a settlement involving her. It was also a racial issue.

﹡In 2020 she assaulted her sister and brother in law. She also damaged their vehicle.

﹡She says her job is having an adverse impact on her mental health.

﹡ 2019 for showing body camera footage from a homicide to members of her family over dinner.


A Cincinnati officer with a history of domestic violence and allegations of discriminatory policing, has been suspended after she was caught on her own police body camera using the N-word while having a meltdown as she was stuck in traffic.

“Fucking n*****s, I fucking hate them,” Officer Rose Valentino said on body camera while sitting in the driver’s seat of her patrol car, according to an internal investigation report shared with VICE News. She made the reference while stuck in traffic at a school near a police station, after she’d rolled down her window to demand a Black driver move their car.

Valentino had her police powers revoked Monday following the three-month internal investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department. The cop is now waiting for the conclusion of her disciplinary hearing process, which will determine what punitive action will be taken. She has been suspended.



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