Coffee Talk

Good Thursday moaning.

It’s raining here this morning, I’m on my second cup, and on the third day of a headache. But that’s just me, and Coffee Talk is your free chat for Thursdays, where it’s all about you peeps and what’s on your brilliant minds.

I was having a little writer’s block trying to think of today’s topic — which is, of course, only a suggested topic because a free chat always means you have the freedom to discuss your own topics. And that little mind block peeved me, and suddenly I was off thinking about other things that peeved me — like three-day headaches.

Today’s Topic

Why is it called a “pet peeve” anyway? Do pets peeve us? Of course they do, but they are not exclusively a source of a peeve. People can be peeved by their pets, but they can also be peeved by others’ pets. What’s especially peeving is how others behave with their pets — often with a saccharine sweet, baby-talk, or special allowances like dogs licking their butts and directly applying the tongue to an owner’s mouth. Or cats that lounge and subsequently dine at the tabletop. Yep, those are pet peeves of mine.

But also a pet peeve can be unrelated to pets, as when “pet” is used as a modifier of “peeve,” meaning a special peeve or a strongly felt peeve.

Lately, I’ve found a particular peeve of mine is how behaviors in grocery stores have reverted to the pre-pandemic, lazy attitude of a shopper completely unaware of him/herself in a crowded aisle. There are those who take up the center of the aisle as if no one else existed; those who shop in twosomes or threesomes, and need to collaborate on choosing items to add to their center-of-the-aisle shopping carts; and there are those who team shop with individual carts, and exist solely to hog the entire bread or milk section…. all while a highly contagious virus continues to plague us.

What’s your pet peeve?

Is your particular peeve pet- or people- related?

Perhaps you’re having a lovely day and nothing in particular is bothering you, except in a general way — like Matt Gaetz.

Happy Thursday, and enjoy your free chat!