Free Chat Friday, Week 30

Up and At ’em, Sleepy Heads, or as we said as kids, ”Up and Adam,”🤓😉, it’s Friday, the 30th Friday in 2022, impossible though that seems. In fact, in many ways it feels like this country has been on a cosmic treadmill since about 2019, moving but getting nowhere, running to stand still, (thanks U2:-)

The scenery hasn’t changed much, as we can see in the below grouping of cartoons, clockwise from top left, 2021 from 2016, each issue is SO familiar, as if it all happened yesterday and is still going on and on and on.

AND, from this week. … .


This is our NV Friday free chat, an open forum where we gather to talk about individual, familial, societal, scientific and historical goings on; this is our digital plaza, scattered tables with bright umbrellas, a bottomless coffee pot, free breakfast and opinions, insights, solutions and random thoughts, shared no matter what the weather. For myself, I’ll grab a warm lemon scone and some coffee so strong I have to cut it with a knife…. .Welcome to FCF and what say you?