GQP’s new dangerous idea: ‘Scare the hell out of Washington’ by rewriting the Constitution to support their brand of Fascism

After getting kicked to the curb by CNN for making disparaging comments about Native Americans, Rick Santorum has a plan ‘to fundamentally remake the United States’ into some fascist utopia that so many of today’s GQPer embrace. But in order to accomplish his lofty goals, he and other fascists need ‘a first-of-its-kind convention to rewrite the Constitution.’ Many of TFG’s current and former allies, including conservative legal scholar John Eastman, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Fox News personalities like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin back this march towards fascism. From the article, ALEC appears to play a big role in this latest move towards fascism.

“You take this grenade and you pull the pin, you’ve got a live piece of ammo in your hands,” Santorum, a two-time GOP presidential candidate and former CNN commentator, explained in audio of his remarks obtained by the left-leaning watchdog group the Center for Media and Democracy and shared with Insider. “34 states — if every Republican legislator votes for this, we have a constitutional convention.” 

So far, ’19 GOP states have joined a rapidly-growing conservative movement to call a new convention.’  

Article V to the US Constitution provides two ways to amend the nation’s organizing document — the most difficult, but most dramatic way to alter American society’s very foundation. 

The first is for a two-thirds majority of Congress to propose an amendment, with three-fourths of states ratifying it. This is how all 27 of the current amendments to the Constitution were added, but it’s a path that today is largely blocked because of intractable partisan divisions. No American under 30 has experienced the nation amending the Constitution in his or her lifetime.   

The second method — never before accomplished — involves two-thirds of US states to call a convention. The power to call for a convention belongs solely to state legislatures, who would pass and ratify amendments without a governor’s signature, Congress’ intervention, or any input from the president. 

The framers also added a second buffer to the process. Conventions or Congress can propose a constitutional amendment, but three-fourths of the state legislatures, 38, need to ratify it into the Constitution, a process that is also not subject to a governor or president’s veto. 

What do the Fascists want:

  • Gutting federal environmental standards.
  • Ending nationwide education requirements.
  • Making it nearly impossible for Washington D.C. and any U.S. territory to achieve statehood.
  • Term limits for federal bureaucrats in addition to members of Congress.
  • Making it difficult or impossible for someone like Anthony Fauci to ever work for decades within the government.

Maybe the last part would appeal to a wide spectrum but, their wants go much further and dangerous than term limits for Congress. The group of U.S, homegrown Brownshirts will meet Sunday to discuss what else they would like to accomplish but limiting “the power and jurisdiction” of the federal government appears to be their main focus. In other words, repealing or not enforcing our current amendments to the Constitution is on the table.

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