Kansas Voters Uphold a Woman’s Right to Choose; Tell Fundie Freaks to Stay Out of Their Uteri

In the first vote on abortion rights since the Extreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Kansas voters voted favorably to keep a woman’s right to choose in their state constitution.

A ballot question, known as the “Value Them Both Amendment,” asked voters to decide whether the state’s Constitution should continue to protect abortion rights. The proposed amendment to the state Constitution would have removed language that guarantees reproductive rights and asked voters if they prefer to put the issue of abortion in the hands of the state’s Republican-controlled legislature — an outcome that abortion advocates said was all but certain to result in the elimination or curtailment of those rights. 

A “yes” vote on the measure would remove from the state Constitution the right to an abortion and hand the issue back to the state legislature. A “no” vote on the measure would make no changes, keeping abortion rights enshrined in the state Constitution.

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