Coffee Talk

Good Thursday morning, News Viewers! Another beautiful day is on the horizon, and there’s so much to Coffee Talk about — time to wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey! I assume everyone slept well last night knowing that some bigly important people probably did not sleep well.

“Dark Garland”

We gather together at the Thursday free chat to vent, celebrate, laugh, and share. Drop your cat pics, gardening tips, recipes, and all other essential free chat items here.

If necessary, Coffee Talk offers a suggested topic of the day, designed just for fun.

Today’s Topic

We’ve been hearing scuttlebutt that the FBI made a visit to a certain former FLOTUS’s “wardrobe.”

It’s our mission today to determine what might have possibly been revealed from inside Melania’s closet.

Here’s some conventional “wisdom.”


Okay…….let the good times roll, but please keep it decent.

Have a great Thursday and enjoy your free chat!