Free Chat Friday, Week 32

Rise and Shine, ya sleepy heads, time to witness what’s in store for this Friday, not just any old mid-August Friday, but a ”what’s in the box” Friday (to quote Brad Pitt in Seven, just could not help it….😁)

We get to glimpse some of what may have been stuck in Trump’s basement amongst the golf clubs, surplus stacks of dehydrated Trump Steaks and extra sale copies of ”Art of the Deal.”: Boxes of classified documents —— MYSTERIOUS…..

As I posted earlier in a comment in Ms. G’s ICYMI daily blog, there is something so satisfying, so intensely FINE, about what happened yesterday regarding the documents Trump carted off from the White House when he left.

Mild Mannered Merrick Garland, our much maligned AG, responded to the enraged, bloviating, fact-challenged Trump-boss and his loud-mouthed underbosses, capos, consiglieres, and soldiers, in their calls for reasons into ”the raid” by the FBI on Mara Lago. And in a wise and canny move, Garland called their bluff; promising to unseal the warrant and inventory, showing those items the Trump team have refused to show us for months.

Merrick Garland, more Clark Kent than Superman, judicious and experienced, is slowly but surely using the very rule of law that Trump has spent a lifetime manipulating (for his own lawless purposes) to bring him to justice. Merrick Garland yesterday was not loud, charismatic or even reality-show camera ready. He was just a law and order guy showing the grift and chaos guy what the long game looks like. Garland has quietly been building the case against the very guy who has always used the courts and the law as the tools to break it.

In honor of those behind the scenes, step by step people who practice doing the right thing while being pressured not to, and who say so without apology or excuse, I say Happy Friday and welcome to free chat — all topics all the time unless they violate the a-hole rule🤪😜 What’s happening in your world?