BLM Calls Out the GQP’s Hypocrisy for Going From ‘Back the Blue’ to ‘Abolish the FBI’

During the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matter and other Progressive groups called for defunding the police. In response to this message, Republicans and MAGAts waved large blue flags professing to ‘Back the Blue.’ They vowed to support the police and used cries for defunding the police to their political advantage.

It was not a popular phrase with the general public because people took it literally as opposed to understanding that BLM and activists wanted a shift in resources and task other agencies with matters that many of our police officers are not equipped nor trained to handle.

‘Defund the Police’ resulted in the Democratic Party losing seats in the House during the 2020 election and has since been put pretty much on the back burner.

But after the January 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol building and the FBI search on TFG’s ‘humble abode,’ something very odd happened. MAGAts and other Republicans now want to Abolish the FBI. Is that not the same as Defund the Police???

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has responded by insinuating such messaging is hypocritical given conservative backlash against calls made by progressive groups to defund the police.

On Thursday evening, BLM noted how Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Florida had also criticized the FBI. BLM tweeted out an illustration of a Black arm (labeled “abolitionists”) joining hands with a white arm (with the phrase “Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unhinged Twitter account” on it). “Defund the FBI” was written at the top. BLM has even offered to ‘partner’ with Horseface in her efforts to Abolish the FBI:

MAGAts: Get Your ‘Abolish the FBI’ Hat Today!

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