Louisiana Woman Says She Was Denied Abortion for Fetus With Top of Skull Missing

DATELINE: BATON ROUGE, La. – A Baton Rouge mother has a week to make an unthinkable decision – carry her baby to term even though she says doctors tell her it will not survive or find another state where she can have an abortion.

“It’s hard knowing that … you know I’m carrying it to bury it…you know what I’m saying,” asked Nancy Davis who is 13 weeks pregnant with her second child. Davis got her first ultrasound at Woman’s Hospital when she was 10 weeks pregnant. She and her boyfriend were excited to welcome their new baby, but soon learned the pregnancy would not go the way they planned.

Davis says her baby was diagnosed with acrania. A rare and fatal condition, where the baby’s skull fails to form in the womb. According to health experts, babies with this condition only survive minutes to hours after birth. But because Davis’s life was not in danger and the baby’s condition does not fall under Louisiana Department of Health’s list of qualifying conditions, she was denied an abortion. Unsure about what to do, Davis is faced with a tough decision. Either carry the baby to term, or cross state lines to get an abortion.

If she decides to get an abortion, Florida is the closest she says. She wants the state to broaden  the list of conditions that qualify for an abortion in Louisiana.


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