Doug Mastriano’s Campaign “Prophet”: Biden “Is No Longer Alive,” Pelosi Drinks “Children’s Blood”

Says Political Executions Are Coming


Trump endorsed Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano has promoted and campaigned with Christian Pastor Julie Green, a “prophet” who has claimed that God will execute political figures “for their planned pandemic, shortages, inflation, mandates and for stealing an election.” The Mastriano ally and fringe religious commentator has also alleged a variety of conspiracy theories, including that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “loves to drink the little children’s blood”; the government is conducting “human sacrifices” to stay in power; and President Joe Biden is secretly dead and an “actor” is playing him. 

Green, who says she has a “special relationship” with Mastriano, has implicated numerous Republican figures as traitors, including Republican Governors Association co-chair and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. She has alleged that there will be a video showing that he took a bribe to swing the 2020 election and he “will be no more, and treason will be written on” him “for all eternity.” 

Mastriano’s connection to Green is yet another chapter in his history of promoting extremist media. He tweeted QAnon content on Twitter more than 50 times. He shared anti-Muslim content on Facebook. He posted an image claiming Roe v. Wade is “so much” worse than the Holocaust. And he paid for “consulting” with Gab, the white nationalist social media platform that’s headed by a virulent antisemite and filled with violent antisemitic threats. Mastriano is also a January 6 insurrectionist


On Speaker Pelosi ”By drinking this blood, they believe they will receive a longer life. Yes. True. Which she really is. She is part of sacrificing the children to Baal. She loved murdering for him. Well, now she will pay the ultimate price with her life. And her life is not is now over for the facts against you and the babies she killed, along with giving money from her bills to help with trafficking the children and of course, to finance Epstein Island and that lifestyle.

On Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), Green raged in December of 2021, “You betrayed your nation, and you made deals with people, like the Obamas, for money and to save your position and power. Yes, your fingerprints will be found all over the fraud of the 2020 election. … Your family will see along with the world that you have no soul left, and you will be tried for treason. Nothing can stop your fall.”

On  Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA): “The devil did go down to Georgia, but My people caught you in the act. Governor Kemp, I have warned you but you stood alongside the Red Dragon thinking you would be safe. You are not. I have everything, and all who are with Me have everything they need to try you for treason. Your life as you know it, Brian Kemp is over,” Green said in February of Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA).


Here’s a sample of the lunatic going off.

From a 538 poll dated yesterday:

No scripture and/or proselytizing

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