Ohio Couple Accused of Having Sex in Front of Kids While Riding Ferris Wheel 

According to the Sandusky Police Department, a group of four females witnessed David Davis and Heather Johnston engaging in sexual intercourse with each other inside the cart ahead of them on the Giant Wheel just after 8:30 p.m. The witnesses — two of whom were minors — told investigators they clearly saw the couple’s private areas and the sexual activity as well as feel the cart shaking, and that both Davis and Johnston knew they were being watched but continued while laughing.

Davis and Johnston, both 32 years old, initially denied having sex on the ride and insisted Johnston was merely bending over to pick up a pack of cigarettes. However, after being told two of the people who saw them were under the age of 18, they both apparently confessed and were subsequently taken to the Erie County Jail.

Since Davis and Johnston alleged crimes were committed in front of juveniles, both have been charged with first-degree misdemeanors, meaning each could face up to 180 days behind bars. An arraignment had been scheduled for Monday morning in Sandusky Municipal Court.


“We go on, and it was going well until we stopped at the top,” one witness told police. “My friend saw the couple in front of us having sexual intercourse and pointed it out to the rest of us.”

The four witnesses, two adult females and two juvenile females said they tried to alert staff while the ride was still going but workers were unable to hear them. When the ride stopped, the witnesses reported the incident to security officers and police.

“I was able to have a perfect view of their cart,” another witness told officers. “They were going back and forth and laughing at us being visibly upset.”

Another witness, a juvenile, told officers she was very shaken up about what she witnessed. Cedar Point police contacted the parents of the two juveniles and informed them of what took place.

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