Free Chat Friday, Week 33

Happy Friday, News Viewers, on this 19th day of the month, and I actually feel Fall in the air— AC Is off, windows are open, cats are freaking out because outside — it’s a BIRD! It’s a squirrel! it’s a leaf! 🤣😉

When the week of news is another week full of portents, of dread, of harbingers of doom and boogeymen, we know it’s time to bring the hammer down on the dark, break off from the apocalyptic chatter, the head game which is played by the powers that be to keep a populace discouraged and afraid.

We know that for this one and only life we have, we need at times to live within an interval of our own creation, take a break however brief and “resist in place” and practice for an hour or a day or a week the saying of ”No. Just no.” The politics, the hate, the bigotry, the misogyny, the religiosity and so on will be there tomorrow, a week from now.

Knowing this, we can stop the world, take that break and live the life of the cats or dogs or trees or leaves. We can meander around the yard, the park, we can eat when we’re hungry and plop down for a nap when the spirit moves. We can stay amazed and alarmed at a leaf floating down or a bird or bug or ohmygawd the neighbor’s mowing! It’s resistance and rest— i know I need it…..And meanwhile. … .

Meanwhile, the politics will continue, and this past week has been both amazing and typical as we can see from the cartoons (and you should see the ones i left out!)

This is our open forum for Fridays, our NV free chat which gives us all a place to say what we want to say about the different lives and perspectives we juggle daily; all topics, all the time with the ”no assholes” rule front and center. SO….what’s happening in your world and other worlds today?

Who is the most intellectually challenged US Senator?