Rudy Giuliani Offers Yet Another Story for Mar-a-Lago Docs: Trump Was Just Keeping Them Safe

Rudy Giuliani has added a new excuse to the Rolodex of reasons put forward by Trumpworld to explain the alleged classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. In an appearance on Newsmax, the former president’s attorney suggested Donald Trump did have sensitive material but was just taking it to a safe place. 

“They want to make him responsible for having taken classified documents and preserve [sic] them,” he said. “Really, if you look at the Espionage Act, it’s not really about taking the documents, it’s about destroying them or hiding them or giving them to the enemy. It’s not about taking them and putting them in a place that’s roughly as safe as they were in in the first place.” 

Among the other stories put forward by Trump and his allies: There were no classified documents; any classified documents would have been handed over if the FBI had asked; Trump had a “standing order” to declassify it all; Trump could have declassified it all if he chose; the documents were privileged; and the FBI planted evidence.

The Daily Beast

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