GASP ! Christian School Principal & Secretary Charged With Sexual Behavior in Front of Teen


DATELINE: McMINN COUNTY, Tenn. — The principal and secretary of a small Christian school in McMinn County engaged in improper sexual activity in front of an underage teen and former student at the pastor’s home, according to 2 arrest reports from the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department. 47-year-old Jason Kennedy is principal, teacher and pastor of Liberty Christian School in Riceville. 28-year-old Brittney Branham is the school’s secretary and homeschool coordinator.

The young woman said she would stay in Branham’s room. While they were in that room, the victim said Jason Kennedy came into the room and started talking about sex with her and Branham. During the conversation, the teen said Branham encouraged her to let Kennedy touch her private areas, telling her “it was okay to allow him to do that, it was fun, and not to tell anyone because Brittney and Jason could get into trouble,” the report says.

In early 2021, the teen told investigators that while she was staying in Branham’s room again, Kennedy came into the room and began talking about sex. During that conversation, the woman said both Kennedy and Branham pleasured themselves, and encouraged her to join them. When they were finished, the teen said they adjusted their clothing and “like nothing had happened, they began talking like normal,” the report says.

Kennedy is charged with sexual assault by an authority figure, and Branham was charged with solicitation of a minor.

The victim was underaged at the time.

Lots more where that came from, don’t miss a detail.

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