2 Floridians Plead Guilty In Scheme To Sell Ashley Biden’s Diary To GOP Group

Ashley Biden stored the diary, tax records, a digital device with family photos and a cellphone in September 2020 in a Delray Beach, Florida, home where one of the defendants was living at the time, prosecutors said in a release.

They said the woman stole the items and got in touch with the other defendant, a man who contacted Project Veritas, which asked for photos of the material and then paid for the two to bring it to New York.

Aimee Harris, 40, and Robert Kurlander, 58

Project Veritas staffers met with the two in New York and dispatched them back to Florida to retrieve more of Ashley Biden’s items from the home, which they did and turned the material over to a local Project Veritas worker who brought it to New York, prosecutors said.

Project Veritas considers itself a news organization. They paid $40,000 for the material.


Florida Man and Woman Admittedly Stole Ashley Biden’s Diary and Several Other Belongings to ‘Make a SHIT TON of Money’

Following the diary theft, the duo traveled to Manhattan where they allegedly met with “employees of” Project Veritas, explained how they got the diary, and gave it to the controversial group.

But the federal charging document also appears to level allegations against Project Veritas – though the company is not identified by name.

“After the meeting, and at the Organization’s request, Harris and Kurlander returned to Florida to obtain more of [Ashley Biden’s] property in order to provide it to the Organization,” the information alleges. “They later met with an Organization employee in Florida and gave that employee more of [Ashley Biden’s] stolen property, believing that the Organization would transport or cause the transport of the stolen property from Florida to the Organization’s offices in New York. The Organization then did so.”


Project Veritas has said it received the diary from “tipsters” who said it had been abandoned in a room. The activist group, which identifies itself as a news organization, said it turned the journal over to law enforcement and never did anything illegal. Project Veritas paid $40,000 to the thieves for the material.

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