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Happy Monday News Viewers, welcome to Free Range, our Monday free chat. While we chat through the day about every topic under the sun….I mean MOON….we lead off with a post environmentally focused. Today is the day that NASA is launching the Artemis 1 containing the craft Orion which is going to the moon. The live launch is also up in a separate discussion— It takes off at 7:33 a.m. Central, 8:33 a.m. Eastern.

Landing Sites of Moon Missions

Here are a few of the missions we may remember, the ones that went before — The Surveyor 1, Apollo 8 and Apollo 11. There were more, but what occurs today is the journey of return; return to the same place as different people, with a different country, with different technology, with a different world view.

Surveyor 1, Launched May 30; 1966, first US craft on the moon
Apollo 8, “First humans to enter Lunar orbit”
Apollo 11, First Crewed Landing on the moon. ”A controlled fall.”
St. Louis Reacts to the Moon Landing

Surveyor 1

As usual, this is a free chat, all topics, all the time within and without reason….😁😁 While we continue our exploration of space today, there are the vast universes that we call our minds– much to explore there, because ultimately, environment is an inside job, starting in the mind. What are your thoughts today — where are you exploring while looking to both your inner and outer worlds? Let’s talk about it. . . .

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