Breaking Down the Latest DOJ Filing Reveals New Details

Prosecutors’ filing suggests Trump advisers misled officials trying to recover sensitive papers; photo shows papers marked ‘Top Secret’ spread out on the floor.

A blistering court document filed late Tuesday by the Justice Department laid out efforts by the Trump team to conceal and remove classified documents, and to obstruct the government’s investigation of the matter at Mar-a-Lago.

  • Among new disclosures in the filing reveal that the government search found three classified documents within the personal desk of TFG.
  • False statements by Trump counsel to the DOJ stated that all records were stored in one place (the storage room), and that there were none in Trump’s personal office.

  • There was also written assurance given to the Justice Department by Trump’s “custodian of records” — Christina Bobb –on June 3. It says Trump’s team had done a thorough search for any classified material in response to a subpoena and had turned over any relevant documents.

Following the assertions documented by team Trump, the FBI team quickly proved those assertions remarkably wrong.

  • Furthermore, the DOJ states that team Trump acted as if the documents originally turned over were indeed classified, and there was no indication that Trump waved the imaginary declassification wand in his head, nor asserted executive privilege.

Tuesday’s filing, which was released minutes before a midnight deadline imposed by a federal judge, accompanied a sealed list of the documents, many of them highly classified, that Mr. Trump retained at Mar-a-Lago. That inventory, filed earlier in the day, is likely to be far more detailed than the brief list included in the search warrant unsealed at the request of Attorney General Merrick B. Garland.

New York Times

And of course TFG is flailing early today.

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