GUNZ: Texas Boy, 4, Takes Loaded Handgun to School; Father Charged

CORPUS CRISTI, Texas (KWTX) – An off-duty police officer with the Corpus Christi Police Department working at a school campus immediately took possession and secured a weapon after a 4-year-old boy took a loaded handgun to school.

Investigators arrived at the student’s home and identified the owners of the handgun, the child’s parents. The boy’s father, 30-year-old Paul Torres, was arrested and charged with making a firearm accessible to children and abandoning or endangering a child.

The Corpus Christi Police Department is reminding Texans to make sure their firearms are safely stored.


“While we do not believe that students and staff were in any kind of imminent danger, as a precaution the campus had increased police presence and maintained a higher level of security at the school until the Corpus Christi Police Department gave us an ‘all clear’ at 10:30 am,” West Oso Independent School District Superintendent Conrado Garcia wrote to parents.

In Arizona this week, a second-grader was found with two guns and ammunition at Cochise Elementary School, the sheriff’s office there said in a Facebook post. The child’s parents were called and a juvenile referral made with charges of misconduct with a weapon and minor in possession of a firearm, according to the sheriff’s office.


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