Ohio Police Release Bodycam Footage After Officer Fatally Shoots Black Man In Bed


Police in Ohio have released bodycam footage after an officer fatally shot a 20-year-old black man while trying to serve an arrest warrant.

The video shows a Columbus Police officer opening a door in an apartment and firing at the man identified as Donovan Lewis within seconds of their encounter, as he sits up in bed and raises his hands.

Chief Elaine Bryant told a news conference that officer Ricky Anderson fired his gun when Lewis raised a hand with something in it, WCMH of Columbus reported. Ms Bryant said a device that appeared to be a “vape pen” was later “found on the bed right next to him”. Police said no weapon was found.

Court records show that officers were attempting to serve Lewis with a warrant for improperly handling a firearm, assault, and domestic violence. 

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Family of Donovan Lewis, the 20-year-old Black man who was fatally shot in bed on Tuesday by a Columbus Police officer while possibly holding a vape pen, is demanding answers and justice after the latest act of police brutality in a city with an ugly history.

“He was treated like an animal,” Columbus attorney Rex Elliott, who is representing the family, said after playing the body-camera footage at a press conference on Thursday. “There was no justification—let me be clear—no justification for officer [Ricky] Anderson to shoot an unarmed man trying to get out of bed as police officers were instructing him to do.”

The Columbus Division of Police said that at around 2:28 a.m. on Tuesday, officers attempted to serve a felony warrant at a second-floor apartment on Sullivant Avenue. Body-camera footage released later that day showed that after apprehending two other people in the apartment, officers went into a back bedroom where Lewis was sleeping—and that he was shot about a second after the door was opened. Lewis had one hand raised as Officer Ricky Anderson, who had a K-9, opened fire.

◾️After shooting Lewis, the cops handcuffed him. 

◾️After handcuffing Lewis, the cops carried him outside the apartment before giving him medical aid.

◾️Before rendering aid, police at one point claimed Lewis was resisting. 

◾️The shooting happened just before 3 AM. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital around 3:19 a.m.

◾️Anderson has been placed on leave as is the city’s procedure.

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