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Happy Monday Sleepy Heads, why in the WORLD are you still in bed? There are things to do and say and avoid — personally, avoiding work sounds like my righteous plan for today.… And because it’s a holiday celebrating the labor movement, maybe we can cut ourselves a bit of slack and relax.

This is Free Range, our Monday free chat with an environmental bent. That said, all topics all welcome for discussion as long as they follow the Miss Manners No AssHoles book of etiquette. …

We greet another day ON planet earth and AS planet earth. Turns out both the planet and the bodies we inhabit are very much the same, teeming with life, whether universes of tiny bacteria, viruses, parasites in the body or the same (only bigger) on earth. whether it’s a circulatory system of blood vessels and veins or one of rivers, creeks and lakes, whether it’s a respiratory system — earth’s trees vs our lungs.

We are from the elements on this planet from space, as the earth recycles us, as we die, we form what comes next and trust the elements involved to coalesce in a way which improves upon what we were and which sustains the planet we want to save.

Human circulation

The human body is made up of elements in the following approximate proportions (by weight): 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 2% calcium, 1% phosphorus, and 1% other elements such as potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, etc. By the number of atoms, however, the proportions are: 63% hydrogen, 24% oxygen and 12% carbon, with only tiny traces of the others. 

Earth’s circulation; waterways viewed from space.

The earth’s crust is made up (by weight) of: 46% oxygen, 27% silicon, 8% ialuminum, 5% iron, 4% calcium, 2% sodium, 2% potassium and 2% magnesium, plus traces of the other 84 naturally occurring elements. The air we breathe contains roughly (by volume): 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of other gases.

Earth’s Lungs— Trees and plants

The Sun is composed of: 75% hydrogen, 24% helium and 1% oxygen, with tiny traces of carbon, neon and iron. In fact, hydrogen and helium are estimated to make up roughly 74% and 24% respectively of all the Sri matter in the universe as a whole, along with tiny amounts of oxygen (1.07%), carbon (0.46%), neon (0.13%), iron (0.109), nitrogen (0.1%), silicon (0.065%), magnesium (0.058%) and sulphur (0.044%).

Earth’s skeletal system
A take on Da Vinci’s Anatomy of Man

This is Labor Day but the only big job on this holiday? Self -care which is interchangeable with Earth Care. We’re made of the same stuff that came from space and exists there still. When Artemis goes to the moon, we’ll be going back home for a visit— it’s all connected.

So as you motor around today inhabiting a body, a planet and a universe, all part of the recipe that generated it all, what will you have on your mind? Let’s talk about any and all of it— we have all the time in the world…..☀️🪐💫🌎🌗

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