Steve Bannon faces new state charges in his ‘We Build the Wall’ grift; will surrender himself to New York prosecutors

Although the the details of the charges brought forth by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office remain unclear, sources have told ABC News and the Washington Post, Steve’s latest brush with the law stems from his scam/grift, ‘We Build the Wall,’  the federal case in which TFG pardoned the unkempt MAGAt.

Originally, federal prosecutors alleged that Bannon and several others defrauded a bunch of gullible morons “contributors to a private, $25 million fundraising effort, called “We Build the Wall,” taking funds that donors were told would support construction of a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. “However, Bannon and his two grifter pals used the money for personal expenses.

Since presidential pardons only cover federal crimes and do not preclude the state charges, NYC will bring forth their own charges against him. Bannon is expected to surrender himself to authorities on Thursday. He issued the following statement:

Who is the most intellectually challenged US Senator?

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