Arizona Man Says He Killed Stepfather Over Bible Dispute, Other Issues


A McNeal man who waved down deputies and admitted he had just fatally shot a man early Thursday told sheriff’s investigators he killed his stepfather because the victim had accused him of never reading the Bible, a probable cause report shows.

Additionally, Stevens, 52, told  Cochise County sheriff’s detectives that he wanted to bury his stepfather, but was “too lazy” to do so. He also said he had thought of chaining the dead man’s body to the back of his truck to “drag him out into the desert,” but decided against that as well.

Stevens said he walked into the living room with the firearm: “I put the gun right up to his face,” the report shows. The suspect said his stepfather looked at him and said, “(expletive) off.” At that point, Stevens said he shot his stepfather once in the chest, the report says. After the first shot, his stepfather looked at him, and realizing that the victim was still alive, Stevens said he peeled off another round, shooting his stepfather in the chest again, the report says. Following that, Stevens said he punched the victim in the face several times out of “anger and rage,” the report shows.


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