PA MAGAt arrested for storming Dairy Queen; threatened to kill all democrats to ‘restore Trump as President’

Law enforcement arrested Jan Stawovy, a 61-year-old from Hunker, Pennsylvania, for storming a Dairy Queen with a loaded handgun while wearing a clown wig.

During the incident, he claimed he was going to “kill all the Democrats because Trump was still president.”

MAGAt Stawovy told police that he “talked to God” and was a “prophet” and would “kill all the Democrats because Trump was still president.” According to court documents, Stawovy was working to “restore Trump to President of the United States.”

He also to police that DQ staff knew and would “vouch” for him. Other than leaving $120 on the counter and saying it was a tip for “non-Democrats,” staff has no clue who the unhinged man was.

Also earlier in the day, Stawovy posted an image on his social media account showing two letters he had received from two local churches barring him from attending their services anymore after disruptive behavior.

In one letter, the pastor of a local church outlined that Stawovy had arrived at a service on Sep. 4 wearing “a clown costume and full makeup [which] frightened many of our congregants.”  

Last month, Stawovy asked to his Facebook ‘fans,’ “Civil War in 2024?”

After TFG’s loss in November 2020, Stawovy Stawovy posted the following on December 1, 2020:

“Good morning. Good Tithings. Guns. God. And 4 years of President Trump!!!!,”

Since TFG’s bigly loss, he posted gibberish about gun control, the 2nd Amendment, and “QAnon-linked videos referencing the “great awakening” and “deep state” plots to deny Trump the presidency. He has also shared posts from a number of high-profile figures within the QAnon community, including former Trump lawyer Lin Wood and evangelical pastor Greg Locke, who has repeatedly preached QAnon conspiracies from the pulpit.”

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