Chess Grandmaster Denies Cheating by Using Anal Beads

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI: Rumors that surfaced have claimed that a 19-year-old chess grandmaster used anal beads and artificial intelligence to beat the world’s top player. A newcomer to the sport, San Francisco-born Hans Niemann allegedly inserted wireless vibrating anal beads into his body before a match he won against grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, 31, last week. 

Chess fans believe that an accomplice watching the match determined the right move and sent encoded instructions via the vibrating sex toy. The game took place at the Sinquefield Cup in St Louis. Neimann has maintained that he did not cheat. However, critics noted his Elo rating increased to 2701 after his win over Carlsen, up from 2484 in January 2021.

On a previous occasion, Nieman had admitted that he cheated during an online game when he was just 12. At the time, a friend brought an iPad loaded with a ‘chess engine’ program that helped him win. Niemann’s opponent could not see him, so he was unaware of everything that was happening. In the recent case, Neimann’s increase is unbelievable, leading many in the sport to speculate that he cheated. 


The 4 September win at the Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis represented something of a meteoric rise for Niemann and was unexpected, as Magnus had not been beaten in 53 sittings. Niemann was the lowest ranking of the 10 players in Saint Louis, and had become the first chess player to beat Carlsen in more than two years.


Magnus Carlsen didn’t have much to say about bit.

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