GOP Rolls Out Their New Plan: Commitment to America

In hopes of taking control of the House of Representatives in 2023, Qevin McQarthy and other members of the Domestic Terrorist /Sedition Caucus, rolled out their new plan to ‘save’ the USA from the ‘shoshilist’ agenda the Democratic Party has implemented under President Biden: Commitment to America.

Their plan appears filled with platitudes and outlines “vague principles,” but not specific legislation except for a nugget the Democratic Party seized on after the plan was accidentally leaked. The Republican Party plans institute a nationwide ban on abortion “protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers” as well as sections taking aim at the Democratic Party’s  much-heralded drug pricing law and proposing ballot access restrictions.

Qevin also announced the GOP will appeal the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents because maybe the GOP takes no issue with tax cheats??? (Think TFG).

The Commitment to (ON) America appears much smaller than its predecessor, the disgraced, former Speaker of the House Newton Gingrich’s Contract With (ON) America but gives the seditionists a unified message to run on in the final stretch before November, saying they are committed to:

  • An economy that is strong: This section specifically focuses on inflation, high gas prices, supply chain issues and competition with China. McCarthy advises members to pledge to “put an end to ‘Build Back Better’ and eliminate wasteful government spending.”
  • A nation that is safe: With a focus on crime and immigration, Republicans vow to “secure the Southern border,” “reduce crime and stop Fentanyl” and “defend our national security.”
  • A future that is free: Section headers include “make sure every kid in every neighborhood can succeed,” “better care and improved health outcomes for all Americans” and “confront Big Tech and advance free speech.”
  • A government that is accountable: The final section emphasizes the extent of the oversight efforts Republicans are promising next year if they take back the majority, including a pledge to “ensure safe and fair elections.”

Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party’s analysis of the leaked version found here:

What Qevin failed to let his ignorant, illiterate, and uniformed base is that if Republicans retake the House of Representatives, their margin of majority would be small and not nearly the 1994-level margins of victory the GOP had. Also, their Commitment ON America would face defeat in the US Senate because of the Senate’s 60-vote threshold and more than likely would never see President Biden’s desk for his approval.

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