Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Democrats “Have Already Started the Killings” of Republicans

At a Trump rally in Warren, Michigan, Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Democrats of wanting Republicans dead, and that the killings had already started.

Greene was citing a recent North Dakota case of an intoxicated man allegedly having an argument with a pedestrian. The intoxicated man hit the pedestrian with a car, and later claimed the man was part of a Republican extremist group. The man died from his injuries.

Greene also added that Joe Biden claims “freedom loving Americans” are enemies of the state, and that Republicans will take back their country from the “Communists who have stolen it and want us to disappear.”

Daily Beast

Another incident Greene mentioned was of a Michigan woman, 83-year-old Joan Jacobson, who was shot on September 20 in the shoulder by 74-year-old Richard Harvey while she was going door-to-door asking people to vote against a ballot proposal guaranteeing a right to abortion.

Harvey said it was an accident. He claimed he was worried that Jacobson was being aggressive and might strike his wife with a clipboard she was waving, so he used his long gun to try to knock it away and accidentally pulled the trigger. Harvey had earlier issued a warning shot.

The couple claimed Jacobson was obstinate, argumentative and initially ignored orders to leave the property. Jacobson denies the claim. “I didn’t do anything aggressive,” she said.

The woman drove herself to a hospital where she was released after 3-4 hours in an emergency department.

Harvey was arraigned on Friday. The most serious of the charges was felonious assault, which can carry up to four years in prison upon conviction.

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