Ron Johnson Gets Laughed At and Booed During Debate

There was a second debate in Wisconsin Thursday night between GOP Senator Ron Johnson and his challenger, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

First the audience laughed at Johnson.

When Joe Biden became a front runner for the presidential nomination, Senator Johnson was chairman for the Senate Homeland Security Committee and took the lead looking for dirt on Biden in Ukraine. A Russian agent claimed he fed information to Johnson, and in 2020 Johnson evaded questions about whether he relied on this Russian information.

Johnson was eventually questioned by the FBI in a private briefing, and Johnson admitted he was a “target of Russian disinformation.”

But instead of heeding the warnings of the FBI about the dangers of meddling with Russians (like he did on a certain July 4 holiday), Johnson peddled another conspiracy theory.

Johnson also elicited laughs about a certain big, beautiful wall.

The two candidates traded bitter insults during the debate, and a moderator challenged both candidates to say something nice about the other as the final question, noting that people are tired of divisive politics.

Finally, Johnson spoke about promises — but said nothing about the promise he made not to run for re-election in 2022.

MSNBC, Mediaite