World’s Richest Man Says His Company Can No Longer Afford Funding Starlink for Ukraine’s Military

Elon Musk on Friday suggested that his Starlink Satellite company could not continue funding services for free to Ukraine after a Ukrainian official insulted him on Twitter.

Musk has asked the Pentagon to fund the satellite internet service that SpaceX has provided since early in the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

A Starlink cutoff would cripple the Ukrainian military’s main mode of communication, which could potentially give a major boost to Russia.

One Ukrainian commander said Friday that “fighting without Starlink service at the front line is like fighting without a gun.”

  • Earlier this month, Musk had tweeted a proposal to end the Ukraine/Russia war, which would play into Russia’s favor.
  • “F— off is my very diplomatic reply to you @elonmusk,” Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, said at the time.

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