Debate Night in Ohio, Georgia, and Utah

On Monday night there were three prominent debates with national coverage, including two seats for U.S. Senate in Ohio and Utah, and a third for governor in Georgia.

Ohio’s Senate Debate

Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance met for the second time, and the topics included party leaders, abortion, and the great replacement theory.

J.D. Vance said there should be exceptions for abortion bans, but doesn’t name any. When asked if he would support Lindsey Graham’s 15-week ban, he thought it was reasonable.

Ryan expanded on Vance’s immigration policy, saying he is “not going to take any guff” from Vance on the issue because “he invested in dozens of companies that use foreign workers.”

Utah’s Senate Debate

Evan McMullin, the independent challenging incumbent Republican Mike Lee took umbrage with Lee’s actions on the previous election and January 6.

McMullin describes himself as conservative but has said he would caucus with neither party if he defeats Lee. He is attempting to unite a coalition of Democrats, independents and anti-Trump Republicans.

Georgia’s Gubernatorial Debate

Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacy Abrams were joined by Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel, who confirmed he intended to send the election to a run-off. Kemp took all opportunities to connect Abrams to Joe Biden, and disconnect from an openness to ban contraception.