County Prosecutor Criticizes “Constitutional Sheriff” Dar Leaf’s Ongoing Election Fraud Probe

At a county commission meeting on Tuesday, Barry County (Michigan) Prosecutor Julie Nakfoor Pratt questioned the use of county resources by Sheriff Dar Leaf for his ongoing 2020 election investigation.

Pratt said his claims of voter fraud are unsubstantiated and the investigation is leaving the department short on detectives to review other cases. Pratt said the sheriff’s office is down to one detective investigating crimes after one left in June and that the sheriff has assigned a deputy to focus on voter fraud investigations.

She said there is simply no evidence of voter fraud in Barry County.

Leaf continued to make allegations against the manufacturers of the voting machines, Dominion. Audience members laughed as he explained there were whistleblowers in Venezuela.

  • Dominion voting machines have a paper ballot record to count for every vote cast and are not connected to the internet, but Leaf claims the machines were not properly certified.
  • Leaf told reporters that the prosecutor doesn’t understand the “cybersecurity component” of his concerns and would not listen to his experts.

Sheriff Leaf is accused of being behind the removal of a voting machine in 2021 that was later returned with a broken seal.

Leaf is one of nine people who could face charges for their efforts to get access to voting machines. Another of those nine facing charges is Matt DePerno, the Republican political opponent of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Local source WOOD-TV

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