Free Chat Friday, Week 43

Friday again? Proof positive that ”Tempus Fugit and Non Come Backit….” 🙂 so we find ourselves in a new location in the universe, a place no one has ever been before. That place is NOW. What are we doing here?

Looks like NOW resembles La-La Land or a circus of some kind, with Republicans believing themselves to be the ringleaders, with the loud displays and drama, while Democrats continue to perform the action of getting work done.

Word of the week would have to be ”Prop” — as in ”a gimmick to help someone continue standing if they appear to be falling over, to prop someone up….” Lindsey Graham with his Herschel Walker prop, Marco Rubio with his Nazi Canvasser prop, the dreaded media with their Fetterman prop, Oz with his Trump prop, Abbott with his Gun prop … . begs the question, why all the props? Doesn’t anyone stand on their own any more, no props needed, responsibility for all ideas and content rests solely with the person claiming them?

Now, what was the question? oh yes, since we are in NOW, what are we doing here? We’re talking about it in this our Friday open forum for all the news, your news, news of the mind, news of the future and past. Anything goes with civility as the rule, free chats are where topics are open, gifs, memes and short clips (nobody wants to watch more than a couple of minutes) and commentary are welcome. So fill us in, NV community…. what’s happening where you are?