Nancy Pelosi Makes First On-Camera Remarks Since Husband’s Attack

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday spoke publicly on-camera for the first time about the attack on her husband, Paul, saying “it’s going to be a long haul, but he will be well.”

Speaker Pelosi also read an excerpt of a poem by Israeli poet Ehud Manor, the same one she read following the Capitol insurrection, encouraging the country to come together. 

“I have no other country. Although my land is burning, my veins, my soul with an aching body and with a hungry heart, here is my home,” she read. “I will not be silent. For my country has changed her face. I will not give up on her.” 

“We need to bring our country together,” she added after she finished reading from the poem. “So, when we are fighting this fight, getting out this vote, let’s do so with the greatest respect for everyone.” 

CNN, The Hill