Gym Jordan’s Bigly 1,000 Page Report on Alleged Politicization of the FBI and the Justice Department

Gym Jordan, who has spent many years in Congress and has yet to sponsor a bill that actually gets signed into law, is poised to become the head of the House Judiciary Committee if the GQP takes back the House of Representatives after the midterm elections. Gym’s latest political stunt focuses on a bigly, “1,000 Page Report” on alleged politicization of the FBI and the Justice Department. But don’t let that bigly number of pages impress or scare you because the document contains less than 50 pages of anything resembling substance. The other 950 pages “were letters sent by the minority members of the committee to various people. In fact, there were more than 1,000 pages of material that wasn’t the report itself, instead mostly those letters.

Included were pages with nothing but signatures on the letters: There were more than seven times as many pages that had nothing of substance on them except signatures than there were pages in the report.”

According to The Washington Post:

  • The document starts out normally, even for Gym, in the sense that it contains a cover page and a three page Executive Summary.
  • It included a one, random page calling for whistleblowers from the agencies to come forward and bail Gym out by bolstering his claims of politicization because he doesn’t have any substantiated proof of his allegations.
  • After that come 43 pages of the report itself, documenting alleged complaints from within the Justice Department about the department’s culture.
  • That’s pretty much ‘the meat’ of Gym’s bigly report.

Then comes all of the ‘filler’ and waste of paper and ink:

  • Eight-page appendix identified as “Attacks on Pro-Life Facilities,” most of which are incidents of vandalism.
  • Nine-page appendix that serves as a subindex of the scores of letters that make up the rest of the document.
  • 725 of the 1,050 total pages — consist of dozens of duplicates of the same two letters.
  • A public letter signed by former intelligence officials in October 2020 questioning the legitimacy of the New York Post’s story that month about Hunter Biden.
  • Second of the two letters focused on a popular conspiracy theory floated around conservative media (Shitholes) last year — that the Justice Department had broadly targeted school parents as violent threats. (It didn’t).

All in all, Gym tried desperately to impress and intimidate other with his massive amounts of pages of some alleged politicization in both the FBI and DoJ. But, as with most GQP generated reports, it was one, big nothingburger.

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