Last Call: November 5, 2022

Good evening, News Viewers and welcome to the weekend. I’m making this short and sweet tonight because I won’t be around much…maybe later.

Tonight is a mom and son dinner and concert event. For a combo of Mother’s Day and my birthday, the end of the following month, my son bought tickets to see one of my favorite crooners: Smokey Robinson. So, I’m out!

You guys enjoy each other’s company; no fighting, and don’t burn the down house.

Oh, crap—just remembered something: The concert is indoors and in a red county. I gotsta dig out that mask and stay away from the MAGAts. But, I don’t think many will be there…it’s not Ted Nugent or some simpleton, country band. I don’t think many MAGAts will be at a Smokey Robinson concert.

Be safe and enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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