S.D. GOP Candidate Joel Koskan Accused of Grooming and Sexual Abuse of Adopted Daughter

Court documents in the case detail years of alleged sexual abuse of a child. According to a signed probable cause statement, a family member of Koskan’s said that he gave long hugs and had her sit on his lap starting at a young age. A camera in her room allegedly allowed Koskan to watch her. 

The alleged victim said Koskan touched her regularly and touching, she says, led to sexual intercourse. The probable cause statement signed by Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Brandon Neitzert says that “probable cause exists to show” that Koskan committed rape, sexual contact with a child under the age of 16 and aggravated incest.

A criminal complaint signed by Assistant Attorney General Mandy Miiller alleges that Koskan exposed a minor to a foreseeable harm from 2014 to 2020 in Mellette County. The complaint alleges that Koskan exposed a victim to sexual grooming behaviors.


Joel with Wife Sally who accused their adopted daughter of ‘trying to ruin the family’.

According to court documents obtained by Native News Online on Thursday, the crimes began in 2014, when the adopted child was placed in the home at 12 years old. The victim was interviewed by law enforcement earlier this year and stated that she was adopted by Joel and Sally Koskan 10 years ago. When she realized what was inappropriate touching while attending a summer youth camp in the Black Hills, she told camp counselors that her adopted father, Joel, had a sexual interest in her and he wanted to be sexually intimate with her.

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The Koskans adopted Echo ten years ago, from a family that didn’t give her a very good home life. “Joel would give her very long hugs, kiss her, and have her sit on his lap.” Echo thought this was “normal” affection until, at age 14, she went to summer camp at Christian Camp Judson. Counselors’ discussion of “idols” and inappropriate sexual behavior led her to realize that Joel was acting inappropriately toward her. She reported Joel’s apparent sexual interest in her to a camp counselor, which resulted in camp staff calling the Department of Social Services and having Echo speak with a social worker. Concerned that her allegations against Joel could cause her to lose another family, Echo did not tell the social worker or camp staff anything else about Joel’s inappropriate sexual behavior.

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