Kevin McCarthy Making Plans As Speaker

Kevin McCarthy is making an outline of his plans if Republicans gain power of the House in the mid-term election.

McCarthy says the plan starts with securing the southern border and possibly implement the death penalty for fentanyl providers.

Qevie also wants investigations and oversight, focusing on the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Covid-19 origins, and school board meetings.

Impeachments? Not exactly off the table.

“We will never use impeachment for political purposes,” McCarthy said. “That doesn’t mean if something rises to the occasion, it would not be used at any other time.”

Of course a Republican House would not have any constructive bills to put forth and pass a 60-vote Senator threshold, but Republicans can and would demand spending cuts in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling.

McCarthy acknowledged Republicans were willing to raise the debt ceiling under Trump, but said it’s different now because Democrats spent trillions of dollars under Biden.

When asked how McCarthy would tamp down rhetoric like mocking Paul Pelosi, he pointed the finger at Democrats.

“The first thing I’ll ask the president to do is not to call half the nation idiots or say things about them because they have a difference of opinion,” he said.