Sheriff’s Deputy Loses License Over $400 Worth of Pokémon Cards


JOHNSON COUNTY, Kansas (TND) — A Johnson County deputy sheriff in Kansas reportedly lost his law enforcement license after he was caught fraudulently trying to purchase hundreds of dollars in Pokémon cards.

According to several reports, Knight drew the suspicion of an asset protection investigator while he was at a retail store. Knight was in uniform and buying groceries, along with a bunch of Pokémon cards, when security approached him, CPOST records say. Initially, Knight attempted to leave, saying that he had to respond to a call, but after questioning he admitted to the store’s security that he had tampered with the Pokémon cards, the Kansas City Star reports.

Knight had taken barcodes from cheaper products and put them over the barcodes on the Pokémon cards, CPST records say. He then reportedly attempted to scan and fraudulently purchase the Pokémon cards for cheaper prices. The retail value of the 12 sets of Pokémon cards Knight was attempting to fraudulently purchase was about $394, CPOST records said.


Knight’s attorney Kevin Dellett said his client was an Iraq combat veteran who was excited to serve his community. ‘Unfortunately, in a time of severe stress and anxiety, he exercised poor judgment, leading to this arrest and charge,” Dellett said in a statement. “Despite his discharge from the JCSO, Mr. Knight is gainfully employed, supporting his family and trying to make amends to the victim, his community and his family through the DA’s diversion program.”


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