Texas Teacher Fired for Telling Students: “I think my race is the superior one.”

“Deep down in my heart, I’m ethnocentric, which means I think my race is the superior one. I think everybody thinks that. They’re just not honest about it.”

Last week, Bohls Middle School teacher in Pflugerville, Texas (about 18 miles northeast of Austin), told his students that he firmly believes that his (white) race is superior to other races. In the video posted below, his comments appear directed towards two two Black students and began when Rhema Benjamin, an eighth grade student, walked in wearing a BLM sticker on his shirt.

The unnamed teacher told Rhema he could not wear the sticker in his classroom and told him to remove it. That is when the racist teacher went on a racist rant.

Douglas Killian, the superintendent of the Pflugerville Independent School District, described the discussion as “inappropriate, inaccurate, and unacceptable” and said “this type of interaction will not be tolerated in any” of the district’s schools.

“As of Monday morning, Nov. 14, the teacher in question is no longer employed by Pflugerville ISD and we are actively looking for a replacement.”

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