Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Personal Twitter Account Reinstated

Elon Musk, so far unsuccessful at getting Donald Trump to tweet again, has unbanned Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account.

And it happened without an unscientific Twitter poll posted to his timeline.

The personal account of the Georgia woman was banned in January for violating Covid-19 misinformation policy, but her government official account remained active. The last straw for Greene at Twitter 1.0 was misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines causing death.

Musk said earliler he would not make major decisions about content or restoring banned accounts before setting up a “ content moderation council ” with diverse viewpoints. Neither Twitter nor Musk have announced the existence of such a council.

Marge didn’t waste time getting back into the swing of things on the personal account, and posted several videos on Monday night. Marge used bigly words like communism, and launched into attacks on the LGBTQ community a day following a deadly mass shooting in Colorado allegedly targeting a drag queen event.

*Not sure if she has the Kari Lake filter figured out.

Others on the right also took note of her presence.

Laura Loomer, Florida woman, questioned the Georgia woman’s loyalty for Donald Trump when her intern Milo Yiannopoulos (another wingnut provocateur) is apparently working on Ye’s 2024 campaign to run for president.

AP, Rolling Stone

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