Ohio GQP Advances Bill to Strip Board of Education of Their Powers After Losing Control to Democrats

For the first time in years, Democratic-affiliated candidates will take control over Ohio’s State Board of Education. How did the GQP that controls this red state react to learning their control over education has ended? They moved a bill forward in their state legislature that will strip the board of their powers.

Although candidates are voted on as nonpartisan candidates, they tend to let their political beliefs and leanings known and voters can easily determine them by who endorses the candidates.

According to News 5 Cleveland,:

Now, seven of the 11 elected seats are held by Democrats. The elected seats ensure that the total board can’t pass all resolutions it wants, since it needs a 2/3 majority. Of the 19 total seats, eight were appointed by Gov. DeWine. Now, with 12 GOP seats, a Democrat would need to switch over for policy to pass. This could change depending on attendance.

This excitement of winning was short-lived for Jackson. Right now, the board is currently responsible for what K-12 public education looks like in the state. But a newly-revived bill would strip the members from developing education policy, establishing financial standards and implementing programs.

After years of GQP control over education, lack of self-awareness, Republican state Sen. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), said the Dept. of education “needs a massive overhaul to improve student success, such as combatting the struggling remediation rate and offering more workforce development opportunities.” “Senate Bill 178 addresses this need by refocusing our system at the state level on what matters most: our children and their future.” 

His statement and this bill, in general, has many wondering why it has taken the GQP this long to realize that the state’s educational system, under their control, has failed Ohio students and parents since they created the education laws.

“The Republicans have controlled for years, so they really need to look at their own actions and stop scapegoating the state board. The timing is just too curious.’

Tom Jackson-Member Elect

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