Turkey Talk

(AKA Coffee Talk)

Good morning, News Viewers, and Merry Christmas!

Welcome to a special edition of Coffee Talk, the free chat zone for Turkey Day.

There will be plenty of time to gobble your Thanksgiving feasts, but let’s not forget the real meaning behind Thanksgiving – ’tis the season for some Griswold-style capitalism! Brent would say, “Come sale away, come sale away, come sale away with me!”

No, really, it’s going to be a great day full of food, fun, parades, and football, amirite?

Mariah’s got the idea, she’s opening for Santa on Thanksgiving Day. Hey, at least at this point in the morning we’ve not stuffed our tummies yet.

Hope all your turkeys and turkey substitutes are delectable and plenty. I did not buy a turkey this year as our group was smaller and Mr. asked for lasagna. Yay, not dirtying 1,000 pans!

And for the sports fans, this is what I remember the most about Thanksgivings and crazy uncles. We had some good times for ten years watching this guy.

And if you have MAGA relatives who insist on talking politics, best wishes — and remember Thanksgiving is only one day — but guess what is only 31 days away?

Have a great Thanksgiving, gang. It’s a good time to say thank you for your company!