Free Chat Friday: Week 47

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy (Black) Friday.

As by the intro, you probably know that Rachel is still on hiatus and you’re stuck with me.

Anyone heading out to some big, box store or the mall to get something you don’t need but must have? I know I’m not.

In the old days, I would head to Macy’s (my favorite store for clothes that I rarely ever go to these days) and buy myself a ton of winter clothes. I would walk out of there with bags of clothing and if my bill hit $120.00, I didn’t shop so well. Seriously, they had the best deals around.

Now, screw it.

I don’t go to enough places to warrant buying a bunch of new clothes. I’m just fine in a baggy tank (summer) with another baggy t-shirt over it in the morning and night. We don’t really have fall and spring, only winter and summer; so, heavy or light weight clothing is pretty much all I wear.

But back to my point because I can go off on a tangent rather easily.

What’s the plan for today? Going out to get that 200″ TV? Staying home eating leftovers? What’s up?

Me? I’m heading to a winery for their Black Friday event. No, not buying any wine; their wine is pretty ‘marginal’ at best. But participating in the event nonetheless.

And I leave you with this because it should be a reminder to all what lying, POS every GQP truly is:

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