Last Call: November 26, 2022

Good evening, News Viewers and welcome to the end of a very long, busy, and belly filling weekend!

Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Ours was very low key and I’m liking low key. I think I’m finally have gotten over all those Thanksgivings at either my parent’s house or my house with way too many people and way too much food. But, at least everyone went home with a ‘to go’ bag.

So, what’s on your mind and how are things going?

I’m exhausted and it’s only because I did back to back small business events that were fun but a lot of work.

I’m going to leave you to have some fun with your fellow News Viewers while I go to the Greek restaurant up the street with me and join my son and the daughter in law I like. They didn’t join us for Thanksgiving because they went out of town. So, we’re doing Greek food tonight. The people that own this restaurant are so nice, so professional, the food is very good, and reasonably priced.

Have a great evening; enjoy the rest of the weekend, and be safe.

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