Coffee Talk

Good morning, News Viewers, and welcome to the first Coffee Talk of December.

Coffee Talk is the free chat of Thursdays, where we discuss all things off-topic, the topics of your choice, or the alternative topic of the day.

Today’s Topic

The Rockefeller Center tree and other municipal Christmas trees are coming to life as we enter December.

That tree, that star — the star with over 3 million Swarovski crystals that weighs 900 pounds — amazes me every year.


First Lady Jill Biden also had a “We The People” Christmas theme at the White House to show off, with even the furry family represented.

So with all this wholesome holiday cheer to feast on, I was surprised to find an advertisement and review for the upcoming holiday motion picture, “Violent Night.”

Seems Hellboy meets Die Hard meets Bad Santa meets The Santa Clause……

Is anyone getting in the Christmas spirit yet?

If a great flick like that doesn’t do it, what does it take? Dragging out the decorations from storage? Charlie Brown or The Grinch? A little eggnog or trusted cookie recipes? Miracle on 34th Street, or “you’ll shoot your eye out?”

I’m just saying….. it’s 24 days away. I can’t believe the year is almost over!

Enjoy your Thursday, enjoy your free chat, and let’s hear what you’re thinking about today if it’s not the approaching holidays.