Last Call: December 10, 2022

Good evening, News Viewers, and welcome to the weekend!

If you live in CA, I hope you’re staying dry…JHC! I know we need the rain but we can do without the wind; it’s finally stopped.

I had to run up to my least favorite store to get some cat and dog food because my spoiled monsters will only eat one certain brand and only a specific flavor of said brand that is sold at that particular store…and the stuff has gotten ridiculously priced! Yes, I could find their favorite brands at another store near me but this one is the closest.

But, that store’s parking lot is somewhat bowl shaped. Today, the ‘bowl’ was a lake, which caused half of the parking spots to be blocked off. It was a freaking nightmare and a reminder of why I go in there like twice a month and come home pissed off every time because nothing is convenient or runs smoothly.

Enough about that—I want to enjoy my blood orange, spiced rum, hot toddy. Between down pours, I managed to pick some blood oranges and lemons, zest them, run them through my Cuisinart to thinly slice them, and pop them, including the zest, in my food dehydrator. I loved dehydrated lemons, especially in my water, tea, or grown-up beverage of choice!

So, what’s on your mind tonight? Please feel free to share with your fellow News Viewers.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and stay safe.


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