San Antonio’s ‘Shit Sandwich Cop’ Working as a Police Officer Again


Matthew Luckhurst, the now-former San Antonio police officer who drew international outrage for trying to give a sandwich filled with dog shit to a homeless man, is once again working as a cop, the Express-News reports.  In an investigation looking at how lax and fragmented state oversight enables problem police officers to seek jobs with other departments, the daily revealed that Luckhurst was hired as a reserve officer on the Floresville Police Department five months after he was last terminated from SAPD.

In case anyone needs a refresher, Luckhurst drew international headlines after he gave a homeless man the feces sandwich. SAPD fired Luckhurst, then a bike officer, over the incident. However, a third-party arbitrator returned him to the force three years later. 

Luckhurst was terminated a second time after a separate investigation found that he left an unflushed turd in a women’s restroom at a downtown police station and smeared a brown substance on the the toilet seat after a female officer requested that staff keep the restroom clean. 


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