Twitter to ‘remove’ content linking to Facebook and other platforms

Twitter will start suspending accounts linking to “prohibited platforms” such as Facebook and Instagram if those accounts are “used for the main purpose of promoting content on another social platform,” the Elon Musk-owned company announced Sunday.

The policy, dated this month and tweeted Sunday afternoon, says tweets promoting accounts on some sites may be removed if users urge their Twitter followers to join them elsewhere.

“At both the tweet level and the account level, we will remove any free promotion of prohibited 3rd-party social media platforms,” the policy says. It lists several examples of such social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Truth Social, which former president Donald Trumpco-founded.

Twitter has slashed most of its public relations team since Musk took over the company in October. He did not immediately respond to an emailed list of questions about the new rule.

Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla and SpaceX, recently suspended and reinstated a slew of high-profile journalists who he says had violated Twitter’s rules.

Full story over at the Washington Post

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