Free Chat Friday, Week 51

Happy Friday News Viewers, coming to you from Washington DC, where I’m spending Christmas. The present under the tree this year is the J6 report, a report that was researched, investigated, compiled and signed by a committee, one of many reports which have come from the same process over the generations we’ve been struggling to make this great experiment, the Democratic union of states, work.

I picture my descendants a few hundred years in the future, children of my children of my children, reading this report. Maybe they will see it in a textbook, or maybe it will be banned and they’ll listen to it on a bootleg podcast in some secret place.

Maybe they’ll go to the National Archives, like I plan to do, and see it under glass in a display, or maybe the Archives building will buried in the rubble of war or decay, and someone will dig it up, read about 2022 and how we fought a war of words in a battle to tell a true story.

Nothing stays buried. There’s a certain relief knowing something is written down, recorded for those coming after us. We like to think this record, this knowledge, will keep us from making the same mistakes the next time a Trump slithers through the cracks.

But we know better now, since we’re presently repeating past mistakes ourselves. Still, the story with all its layers is out there now — it’s a Christmas present to those in the future who may use it as a way to do it better next time. Who knows? All that is clear is that the drive to uncover truth is as strong as the drive on the part of some to bury it.

The civil war of the future may look like the one we’re fighting now — a war of words in the search to keep truth from being hidden. How else can we avoid the Trumps and his ilk in the future? J6 is written down. Nothing stays buried.

Let’s talk about it on this free chat Friday…. A lot of truth to be found in chat, what is yours?

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